Who is andre.lux?

The reference point in the world for every type of custom headlight for cars and motorbikes.

Thin RGB LED stripsFlexible LED stripsRGB flexible led stripsThin led stripsAngel eyes cotton

DIY custom kit

Choose from our projector and LED strip kits to modify your lights, or look for a ready-made model

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Underbody RGB led kit

Make your car unmistakable with the countless color effects of our underbody kits

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Canbus led kit

Replace your halogen lamps with a modern high brightness led kit.

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Make your car unique

Add a touch of color to your custom lights by adding the RGB option at the time of purchase

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Yes, you can submit your request by filling out the contact form.

The wait could vary from 35 to 55 working days.

Yes, via Paypal or Klarna.

No, any modification makes the light no longer approved

No, before buying make sure you know how to carry out the correct assembly.

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