Waiting for custom headlights

Custom lights are created only to order, the wait could vary from 45 to 90 working days.

The customizations are carried out entirely by hand with the utmost care and attention by a single person, it is therefore possible that unexpected events may occur during processing which affect the timing:

•Lack of immediate availability of the lights and/or parts that make up the custom

•Aesthetic imperfections that require additional time to repeat the customization process until the most accurate result possible is obtained

•Electronic problems encountered during the headlight testing phase, which therefore require additional time to replace the defective parts, in order to ensure the customer a 100% studied and controlled product

Andre.lux undertakes in every way to respect normal processing times, and apologizes in advance to the customer in the event of delays.

Please, if you need your lights right away, do not buy them here.

Any custom is no longer refundable from the moment the customization process begins

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